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This blog is a passion and a hobby of mine. I love to experiment and create variety of dishes. I mix and match a lot, taking a bit from one recipe, borrowing from other. Most of my recipes are food that I grew up on, my friends are my biggest motivation and my family inspires me, even my kids like to lend a hand in baking and sometimes mixing things.

Join me as I write about whatever is cooking in my home, from simple everyday meals to attempts to replicate restaurant dishes, baking experiments and tastes of cuisines around the world.


I would love to hear back from you, any comment, feedback, suggestions and questions are welcomed. I’ll do my best to respond.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂




  1. I simpley loved your blog! I made sabudane ki khichdi today and my husabnd loved it. Is it ok if i have it fr breakfast some days. As every morning i get up wth a headache ki aaj kya banau?? More of breakfast receipe plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i love the description of the consistency of the batter to b made for dhokla(drip drip drip…lol). Still not able to see all the recipe…n would do that asap. Great Job richa!!

    • Thanks Jyoti, I am really happy that you trying the recipes 🙂

  2. YUMMMY!!! I can’t wait to fet cooking! thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. Mmmm … Everything looks so tasty 🙂

  4. wow impressive, you have put a lot of hard work in your recipes. Excellent presentation and step by step pictures are great help.

  5. Great Richa….when do we get a sample of your cookinng. Do you allow others to post there recipies on your blog

    • Thanks Vikas, Would love to cook for you guys… why don’t you plan a vacation to California :). So far I have not enabled the post by others on my blog yet… will be starting that pretty soon though.

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